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AMP Website Builder


Try our website builder for AMP pages.
Free registration. Free hosting. Free templates.
No installation required. No coding. No trial periods.

AMP page builder features


Speed, quality and simplicity of the website are the most important for us. AMPjump is the only builder in which you can build a fast, responsive website with great parameters for search engines.
Great parameters
Your pages have the best quality and performance parameters in Google PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse tests (90-100).
Always Responsive
The pages are automatically RWD ( Responsive Web Design), i.e. one version works fast and looks great on all devices.
Easy to use
The website builder is intuitive. No coding. You can easily edit content any time you need and publish it in a second.
AMP Pages
All pages are built in the Google AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages) framework, which ensures 4x faster page loading.
PRO plan
Your website automatically becomes a PWA application ( Progressive Web App). You can install it on your smartphone.
SEO friendly
You have many website optimization tools that will help pages rank higher in search engine results.

Google AMP Pages


You build all pages in the Google AMP skeleton, which makes them load 4x faster. The AMP standard gives them a lightning mark in Google's mobile search results.

How to create a website?


  1. Register in AMPjump builder for free. You'll only provide an email address.
  2. Start with a clean page, use a basic template, or choose a sample website template.
  3. Change the page as you want. Add a logo, change content, add photos, choose colors, fonts. Adjust the sections to your needs.
  4. Complete the data important for search engines e.g. page title, page description, keywords on the page, check URL addresses and all links on the page.
  5. Publish the page at any time. You make changes quickly and conveniently, they are visible immediately.
  6. Connect your own domain. With the PRO plan for $8 per month, you can connect your own domain and use all available website builder features.

The fastest website


AMPjump uses Google AMP technology, thanks to which your websites are the fastest - they achieve excellent results in Google Lighthouse audits: 90-100 score in all categories. With better quality parameters you'll get higher ranking in search engines and more visitors on your pages.

Fast website with higher ranking


Faster Page Load Times = Better SEO, Lower Bounce Rate and Higher Conversions. Build simple, modern, fast pages with great parameters that search engines love! It's easy!

Free website templates

Webpage today! Easy start. Instant publication.

Simple, beautiful, free website templates for private use and for small business. You can change them as you need: add or delete elements, edit the content, place your photos, change fonts and colors. All website templates are ready for mobile, tablets and computers.
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