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Igor Bokun

Do you need a website to set off? Build it COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE using AMPjump. We’ll provide you with an intuitive website builder, professional templates, hosting, and an address in the domain – for instance,

Our offer is ideal for those who want to build their online presence. Our FREE plan has everything your website is going to need in the beginning.

⭐ Are you looking for a job and want to present your portfolio and work?

⭐ Are you running a non-profit and avoiding unnecessary spending?

⭐ Don’t need your own domain and want to develop your company without it?

⭐ Do you have a business idea and want to run a cost-free trial to see how it goes?

⭐ Are you running a social campaign that needs a website?

If you want to add your own domain or use advanced functions in the future, you can switch to the PRO plan at any time.

Thanks to our beautiful web templates, you’ll easily make your website in one afternoon. However, if you prefer that a professional does it, you can co-operate with one of our partners.

With our special offer you can build your website today!

For more information, feel free to contact us at

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Build a website for yourself or your business. Fast, easily, on your own. Website with the best quality parameters for search engines. For every screen.