Does AMP affect websites’ SEO?

Joanna Saternus

Does using AMP HTML when building a website affect SEO?

SEO, which stands for ‘search engine optimization,’ is a series of website improvements to increase their visibility in search results in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

YES! The AMP format has a positive impact on SEO! Although the construction of an AMP site itself is not a ranking factor, the SPEED of page loading is taken into account in the Google ranking of mobile search results. Since the release of Google algorithm speed update in June 2018, the page loading speed has had impact on its position in search results. Search engines like FAST websites. AMP sites are made of SEO friendly components, such as AMPHTML, AMP JS and AMP Cache. They are very fast, which has a positive effect on SEO.

What do the statistics tell us?

Examples and the history of websites made available via the Google AMP Project clearly indicate that AMP implementation helps improve website statistics, for example, in terms of a lower bounce rate, longer time spent on the website, a higher number of page views during a session or a higher click through rate.

2x longer visits

Users spend 2x more time on an AMP website than on their non-AMP version.

20% CTR increase

CTR, which stands for the click-through rate, is the ratio of users who click on your website after they have seen it as part of their search result. It is good when the rate is high. AMP websites have seen an increase in the click-through rate (CTR) both from the search results and already on the target websites, for example, on online shopping sites.

4x faster websites

AMP websites are on average 4x faster than their non-AMP versions. For example, they load in 2 seconds instead of 8.

40% Bounce Rate drop

Bounce Rate refers to the percentage of users who visited your website and left it without visiting any of the subpages. It is good when the rate is low. AMP websites see the bounce rate drop by an average of 40%. Users do not leave websites which display content in no time.

10x less transfer

AMP websites use 10x less of data than the non-AMP websites, which considerably decreases their maintenance costs.

90% satisfied website owners

After implementing AMP, 90% of AMP website owners noted an increase in the click- through rate in the mobile search results, longer sessions and a lower bounce rate. All of these had influence on the number of website visitors.

The above statistics have been compiled from such sources as: Blog, Search Engine Watch, Blog Webmasters Google, Moz and the YouTube channel.

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