Ranking updates in Google Search (2021)

Joanna Saternus
How to prepare your website for the changes that Google will introduce this year?

This year, an update of the algorithms that count rankings in the Google search engine is going to be introduced. Changes will affect the quality and performance of websites! AMPjump builder pays attention to the speed, quality and efficiency of your website. These are the key elements that help your websites achieve high search engine rankings.

What can you do to maintain or improve your positioning in this most popular search engine in the world?

Do you have a website already?
Test your website using online tools such as PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse or GTMetrix. Tests will show you the truth about how fast your website is, whether it is well built or mobile friendly, and how you can improve it.
If you have a website built in a creator and it is unfortunately of poor quality, you have to take into consideration that it will fall to lower positions in search engine results. It is worth taking care of improving its parameters now. Most often, however, it is difficult or impossible to do it yourself in a page builder. Website frameworks and the technologies used in them are common to all the websites built in a given builder. Whether your website performs well in audits depends mainly on whether the creators of the builder take website quality seriously and give it a high priority.

You don’t have a website yet?
If you do not have a website yet and you want to build it yourself, choose a builder that pays attention to the quality and speed of the created websites. AMPjump is a website builder in which we place emphasis on your website achieving the best results in quality tests.

Algorithm updates for Google rankings

Up until now, when calculating website rankings, Google took into account technical parameters, including website mobility and speed. Starting from this year, it will also take into account its quality and performance parameters. Let’s see the history of these changes in recent years::
  • 2010 Page Speed Update.
    Google updates the algorithm with information about website speed. For now, only in search engines on desktops, i.e. large screens.
    YES Your website built at AMPjump is fast on desktops! A classic website like this one takes less than 1 second to load.

  • 2014 HTTPS Update.
    Google starts promoting websites that use secured connections, i.e. have a small padlock next to the URL address.
    YES At AMPjump you get an SSL certificate for free for your domain.

  • 2015 Mobile Friendly Update.
    Google introduces information whether your website is mobile friendly into the ranking algorithm, i.e. whether it is displayed on mobile phones, whether it is readable on them and convenient to navigate.
    YES Your websites are mobile friendly. All websites are responsive and look good on any screen - smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops.

  • 2017 Access to content Update.
    Google lowers the ranking of websites that make it difficult to access their content by displaying intrusive interstitial ads.
    YES We do not publish ANY ads on the websites created in our builder. No ads both with a free or paid plan!

  • 2018 Page Speed Update for mobile phones.
    Google updates mobile ranking taking into account the speed of websites in the mobile version.
    YES Your websites are also fast on mobile phones. The AMP standard ensures instant loading from Google’s servers.

  • 2021 Web Vitals Update.
    Google will enter the results of website quality and performance tests into the algorithm. It will take into account parameters called Core Web Vitals.
    YES Your website scores great for Core Web Vitals. We will provide more information about them soon.

It’s official! From May 2021, Google will take into account the quality parameters of a website when calculating its position in search results.

In terms of Google Search, our mission is to help users find the most relevant, high-quality websites - Google.
And the mission of AMPjump is to provide you with a tool to build a fast, attractive and great quality website that can reach high positioning in the ranking. You only take care of its content! :)

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