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Igor Bokun
AMPjump takes care of your website’s positioning in Google like no other builder!

Who wouldn’t like their website to appear high in Google’s search engine results? Today it is a matter of life or death for online ventures.

We know it and that is why we take care of your website in an exceptional manner. Probably no other website builder can provide you with this vital feature at this level..

You don’t need to know how we do it - your own business promoted online is your priority, but if you want, here are the details. The website you create at AMPjump is in the AMP standard recommended for websites by Google. Your website is no longer a regular HTML website, but an AMPHTML website. In addition, this modern result code developed by Google is optimized using AMPOptimizer - squeezing absolutely everything out of it.

Why is it so important to you? Already this year, Google will introduce the results of website quality and performance tests to its algorithm (read more about the changes to the Google algorithm in 2021). It will take into account parameters called Core Web Vitals. Your website made at AMPjump achieves absolutely amazing results for Core Web Vitals, and therefore it will be preferred by Google and achieve better positioning.

As we know the builder’s power, our own website is created in it, and the effects are shown by the result of Google Lighthouse - a website quality measurement tool. achieves the highest results of 99-100% in these Google Lighthouse tests!

Do you know of another website that has such or close results? It is thanks to this that our website and your website are preferred by Google.

Building a website in a page creator does not have to cause poor code quality. On the contrary, at AMPjump, we believe that the quality of the generated code, and thus the positioning of your website in search results, is a priority today.

You don’t have a website yet? Don’t build a bad quality website. Rely on a competent partner. Already have a website? Check its quality at Google Lighthouse. If it is unsatisfactory, come to us and build a great and fast one.

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