Your own domain

Create your own website and connect a domain. Start building your website for free. Is it more or less ready? Connect it to your domain at any time and show it to the world!

Easy domain management

You manage your website and domain in one place. The domain registered in AMPjump is immediately ready to work with your website. You don't set DNS records yourself, we do it automatically.

SSL Certificate

Today, every website should have an SSL (HTTPS) security certificate. Every website built in AMPjump has SSL provided. You activate the certificate for your domain with one click.

Price list for new domains

If you do not have your own domain, you can order it easily. After connecting the domain, your website will be shown at its URL. Below is an example of a price list for registering a new domain in the BASIC or PRO plan *.

New domain registrationFirst yearNext year
Domain with .com extension14€18€
Domain with .eu extension10€12€

*Sample price list from 2022-01-07. All prices are gross. Current prices are available after logging in and searching for a specific domain name. Pricing depends on the domain extension and current promotions.

Do you have your own domain?

Do you have your own domain registered with another registrar? Great! In the BASIC or PRO plan, you can connect it to the website you are building. SSL certificate activation for your domain is included in the plan price.

Log in, order a new domain or connect your own domain to the website!


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