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Frequently asked questions about the AMPjump Website Builder

General questions

What is AMPjump?
AMPjump is a website builder - an online tool for creating simple, fast, SEO friendly, responsive AMP and PWA websites.
Who is AMPjump for?
The AMPjump Website Builder is ideal for people who:
  • want to build a website for themselves or their small / medium company really fast
  • want the site to load instantly, be simple, modern and attractive on any device
  • want to update the page content in a second
  • are short on time
  • are frustrated or discouraged by learning complicated page builders
  • have no design talent nor ideas for the site
  • don't know coding
  • don't want to spend a lot of money on websites and hosting
How is AMPjump different from other page builders?
The builder is very easy to use, even intuitive. You don't have to have an idea for a website, you don't design, drag or drop anything. You simply fill out the appropriate fields with your content. Simple tools will allow you to change the look of the page.

2. SPEED Your pages are built in the latest skeleton recommended by Google for phones - AMP. Pages based on AMPHTML are on average 4x faster than regular HTML pages!

Your pages have great quality parameters. In Lighthouse, PageSpeed ​​Insights, GTMetrix etc. tests they reach the highest values ​​(A, 90-100). This is a rarity among sites created with online builders.

4. MODERNITY Your website may have the characteristics of a PWA web application. You can install it on the desktop / home screen of your phone or computer and use it without a browser.
Your website is light, simple in structure, responsive and easy to position. Such websites are liked by search engines. A lightning sign appears next to your URL in Google's mobile search results.

The builder is free to use, you start from the 0€ plan with no obligations and trial periods. The PRO plan with all functions costs only 9€ per month.
How many sites can I create?
You can create 3 free websites and any number of PRO (paid) websites in your account. Each site is available under a separate subdomain and can be built from any number of pages.
Do I have to create a mobile page (for phones) separately?
Absolutely not! You create one version of the page that automatically scales and looks good on phones.
Is my website responsive (RWD)?
Yes, of course! Google recommends creating responsive websites, i.e. with fluid width, and that's what you build in AMPjump. Your website is automatically responsive.

You can check if your site is mobile-friendly in Google's tool.
Can you edit the page in the builder on your phone?
YES. You can make the necessary changes to your website even from your phone. However, the AMPjump Builder was created for desktops and is most convenient to use on the big screen.
Is AMPjump available as a phone application?
YES. You can install AMPjump as a PWA application on your phone / desktop on any platform (Android, Windows, Linux, iOS).
Does my website have an SSL certificate?
You can activate the SSL certificate for your own domain in the PRO plan. The feature is free.
Do I have a start page template?
YES. You start work with a ready startup template that you can change freely and easily.
Can I connect my own domain?
YES. You can easily connect the site you are building to your own domain. This feature is available in the PRO plan.
Can I create a multilingual website?
YES. You can create alternative pages for other languages. We have a mechanism that connects them properly.

Questions about AMP, PWA

What is AMP?
AMP is the abbreviation for the English phrase Accelerated Mobile Pages . AMP is a Google and Twitter project created to speed up the display and use of mobile websites. AMP pages are built in a framework which is light and fast, which significantly affects the use of the page.
Why should I have an AMP site?
Google recommends accelerated AMP mobile pages because they are lightweight and load instantly. Simple & fast websites positively influence the rankings in search results and increase the engagement of visitors.
Does AMP affect SEO?
AMP indirectly affects SEO in a positive way. How? Page speed is one of the factors affecting the ranking in search results. As a result, AMP fast pages appear higher in rankings, have a lightning badge, have more visits and have lower bounce rates *.
* Compared to pages with identical content without AMP.
Do I need to create a separate AMP page?
Absolutely not! In AMPjump, you create an AMP page from the beginning. One version of the site meets AMP standards and is designed so that it looks great on every screen, both mobiles and desktops.
What is the PWA?
PWA, or Progressive Web app, is a website that behaves like a web application. You can install it on your phone / desktop and use it whenever you want, without launching the browser. It works on any platform (e.g. Windows, Android, iOS) and even with a poor or weak internet connection.
Do I need to create a separate PWA application for the site?
Absolutely not! To make your website behave like a PWA application, you only need to check the appropriate boxes in the PWA settings. The PWA features are available in the PRO plan.

Payment questions

Do I have to pay to start building a website?
No you do not have to! Registration is free. You create an account by providing only an email address and giving a password. You start building a website for free, on a $0 plan, without any obligations or trial periods.
How is the free plan different from the PRO plan?
In the PRO plan you have all the Builder features and tools active, including Google AMP Cache, PWA application, SSL certificate, SEO settings and the ability to connect your own domain.
How much does the PRO plan cost?
The PRO plan costs $8 a month with annual subscription. The price includes VAT.
How much does hosting cost?
Hosting is included in the price of websites built in both the free plan and the PRO plan.
What online payments do you use?
We use PAYPAL payment gateway, which supports Paypal accounts and credit/debit cards.
How long can I use the free plan?
You can use the free plan as long as you need it. We have no trial periods.
Can I cancel the PRO plan?
Yes, you can opt out of the PRO (paid) plan within 14 days of purchase.
How to extend your PRO plan?
Before the end of the year, you will receive an email with information on how to extend your PRO plan for another year.
What happens if I don't extend the PRO plan for another year?
The PRO (paid) plan will turn into a free plan. Your site will still be published, however you will lose access to many additional functions, e.g. connecting your own domain.

How to build a fast, simple website?

Try the AMPjump fast websites builder.
This is an intuitive online tool for creating simple RWD, AMP, PWA websites.