AMP site builder features


Discover the most important and interesting features of our AMP page builder.
It is an ideal tool for creating fast, simple, static websites.
Fast Pages
Your pages are simple and load quickly on any device. The AMP standard gives them a lightning sign in Google's mobile search results.
Great parameters
Your website has great quality parameters. It is simple, clear and light. Search engines love them!
Pages are automatically responsive (RWD) - thanks to the fluid design, they adapt to the size of the screen of the device on which they are displayed, e.g. phone or laptop.
SEO friendly
You have SEO tools available to help you achieve better rankings e.g. choose only important pages for Sitemap.
Free hosting
Stable and efficient hosting of all pages created in AMPjump.
You have a free subdomain for your site at
HTTP 2.0
The websites use the latest HTTP 2.0 protocol, speeding up loading by up to 40%.
After each publication, we create a backup of your website. You can go back to the previous version with one click.
Google Fonts
You can use Web Safe Fonts (e.g. Arial) or choose from the 200 most popular Google Fonts. Of course, the fonts are responsive.
Multilingual site
You can create pages in many languages and easily combine them.
Easy to expand
You can easily expand your website with any number of subpages, sections, language versions of pages or posts.
AMP scripts
You need more? Add a special section that will allow you to apply any AMP script from the library to your website.
Your website may behave like a PWA (Progressive Web App) running on all platforms.
SSL certificate
Your domain has a security certificate (SSL), which positively affects SEO.
Google AMP Cache
Your site can be stored & updated in the Google AMP Cache to keep it fast and up to date.
You can connect the website to services such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster or Yandex.
Structured data
You can add structured data to each page.
You have the option of adding sections with your own HTML and custom CSS styles to your site.
Connect your domain
PRO plan
You can connect your own domain to the site you are building.
No ads
PRO plan
Your site is free from any ads. Only your own content.
BETA version
You can create a mini-blog, add short posts about current events in your life or company.

How is AMPjump different from other builders?

The builder is very easy to use, even intuitive. You don't need to have an idea for a website, no fixed project, you don't need to drag or drop anything, you don't need to measure pixels. You just fill in the appropriate fields with your texts and add your photos. You can change the colors, layouts, fonts, element size, and your website always stays clean, light, fast and responsive.

You create one version of your website, which is both AMP and RWD. It doesn't matter if it's for a phone, tablet, laptop or computer. It looks good on any and every screen.

Your pages are simply fast! They are built with Google-recommended AMPHTML frame for mobiles. AMP pages are on average 4x faster than regular websites!

Your pages have great quality parameters! In Lighthouse, GTMetrix or PageSpeed ​​Insight tests they achieve the highest results (90-100). This is a rarity among sites built in the most popular builders.
Thanks to this, your pages achieve higher search engine rankings.

Your website may behave as a progressive PWA web application available on all platforms, even without access to the Internet (offline).

Your website is light, simple, responsive and easy to position thanks to numerous SEO tools. Thanks to AMP, it is fully optimized for mobiles, and Google AMP Cache shows a lightning sign next to it in mobile search results.

The builder is free, you start from the 0$ plan with no obligations, no credit card and no trial periods. If you need to can connect your domain and use the full functionality the PRO plan costs $8 per month.

AMP Accelerated Mobile Page Creator

Thanks to AMP, you'll get higher ranking, more traffic and more visitors.
At AMPjump, you create ONE version of the site for all devices.