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The most important advantages of pages built with AMPjump

The AMPjump website builder is perfect for small and medium-sized companies, which need a simple, nice, fast website well-positioned in Google. It is the only website builder in which you can easily build a high-quality website in modern AMP, RWD and PWA standards. Pages with great parameters are higher in Google's ranking, thanks to which potential customers will find you faster.
Fast pages
Your website loads instantly on any device. Thanks to AMP, pages have a lightning bolt icon in mobile search results.
Great parameters
Your websites achieve great quality parameters in Google audits, e.g. Lighthouse. They have the potential for good search engine rankings.
Great SEO
The builder has all the most important SEO tools and settings needed for websites to rank high on Google, Bing, Yandex. You have your SSL security certificate immediately active.
Mobile & responsive
Pages are automatically mobile and responsive (RWD). You only build one version and it adapts to the size of the screen - saving time and nerves.

Features of AMPjump Website Builder

Check out the features of our great AMP pages builder. All features are available within the free plan, unless they are labeled PRO plan .


Quick edit
The builder is convenient and easy to use. You don't need to know anything about coding. Changes are visible immediately after publication. Are you traveling? You can access the builder from any device (via a browser or web application).
Easy to expand
You can easily expand your website with any number of subpages, sections, language versions of pages or posts.
Simple creation
Your website is built of horizontal sections - blocks. Thanks to this, the website is readable and easy to use on any screen, even a small mobile. You can move, add, copy, delete and change sections as you want.
Responsive preview
You narrow or expand the page preview window, immediately seeing how it behaves on screens of different widths.
Gallery layouts
In the section patterns, you will find suggestions for various gallery layouts for photo presentation, e.g. grid, masonry, carousel. You can also apply a lightbox to enlarge your photos.
Multilingual site
Do you want to reach foreign users? You can create a multilingual website. You just need to easily connect the translated pages with the original.
You can run simple animations on your website. Individual sections may appear, fly in, jump up etc. Only one time or every time you see them while scrolling the screen.
You can easily build your contact form. You have a choice of text inputs, text area and selections. You can easily adjust the style of the forms to your page.
Section freezing
You can apply navigation and footer or any other section to every page of your website. You save time and have consistent content throughout the website.
Custom page 404
We automatically create a 404 page. You can edit it freely and adjust its appearance to the style of the website.
BETA version
You can create a mini-blog, add short posts about current events at your place or in your company.


AMP Pages
All pages you build are based on AMP HTML. This structure is recommended and promoted by Google for mobile websites. AMP Cache adds them to Google's memory automatically.
AMP Optimizer
You can activate additional website optimization to make it even faster and more efficient on any device.
After activating this feature, your website may behave like a Progressive Web App that works on all platforms.
HTTP 2.0
The websites use the latest HTTP 2.0 protocol, speeding up loading by up to 40%.

Marketing & SEO

There are all the necessary SEO tools and settings that websites need to achieve high search engine rankings.
Meta titles and meta descriptions
Each page / subpage has separate settings, so you can perfectly optimize it thanks to unique meta titles and meta descriptions.
We create your sitemap automatically from all pages or only those selected by you, important for rankings.
ALT for images
With each photo you can edit its alternative title, the so-called ALT for images.
Structured data
For each page, you can define structured data, thanks to which search engines will better understand the content of your website.
You have the option of setting different types of favicon displayed in the browser tabs.
Open Graph
For each page, you can enter the Open Graph meta tags displayed by social media when you share the page.
You can link your website to services such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Webmaster Bing or Yandex to track traffic and conversions.
No ads
PRO plan
We do not display any ads on your pages! Just your content. In the free plan, we can display a link to AMPjump.


With the free plan, you have your own unique subdomain. In the PRO plan, you can connect your domain or register a new one! Registering a new domain is free with the PRO plan.
Own domain
PRO plan
Your site is more or less ready? You can choose a new .COM domain or connect your own domain with the website you are building.
Own subdomain
You can choose a subdomain name at for your website. In the PRO plan, you can immediately order your own .COM domain.
SSL Certificate
Your website is always secured with an SSL security certificate (HTTPS). SSL has a positive effect on your rankings.


You don't need to install anything. We don't have any plugins. You use these integrations by selecting the appropriate options in the page settings.
Google Fonts
You can use Web Safe Fonts (e.g. Arial) or choose from the 200 most popular Google Fonts. The fonts are of course responsive, their sizes adapt to the screen.
Google Maps
You can insert a section with a Google map on your website. It will appear automatically after entering the address.
You can insert a section with video from YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo on your website. You only provide a link to the video and specify the size of the frame.
Font Awesome Icons
In the features section, you can choose from several hundred of the most popular Font Awesome icons. You can see examples of icons on this page.


One account
One account for all your sites. As part of the account, you can create up to 3 free websites and any number of paid ones. You manage them conveniently in one panel.
Free hosting
We provide stable and efficient hosting and technical maintenance of all pages created in the builder, both in the free and PRO plan.
After each publication, we create a backup of your website. You can go back to the previous version with one click.


If you know HTML a little, you can use your knowledge and extend the functionality of the website with. For example for tables or your own link formatting.
Custom CSS
You can add your own CSS styles to each page to better suit your stylistic requirements.
Custom HTML
You can add a section with your own HTML code.
AMP scripts
You need more? Add a special section that will allow you to apply any AMP script from the library to your website.

Need more features?

Are you missing any feature? Do you need more? Contact us! We are constantly developing our Builder, so we may surprise you soon.

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