Pricing plans


Start using our builder with the FREE plan without any obligations or trial periods, use it as long as you need. The AMP website creator lets you build for free a simple, fast website for yourself or your company.
Free register. Create and design your website FOR FREE. You decide, if you need something more e.g. connecting your domain, switch to the PRO plan at any time.
no obligations
no credit card

Access to the website builder with basic functionality
Website hosting
SSL/HTTPS certificate
Own subdomain
Free initial templates
100% AMP pages
Basic SEO tools


Access to the website builder with full functionality
Website hosting
SSL/HTTPS certificate
Own subdomain
Free initial templates
100% AMP pages
Advanced SEO tools
Priority support

.COM domain free registration
or your own domain connection
Custom CSS, metatags
Google Analytics connection
PWA application
Google AMP cache
Optimisation with AMP Optimizer
No ads
14-days money back guarantee

This monthly price is for annual subscription.

Pricing details

AMP page builder
Online access to the builder of simple and fast websites in the Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) format.

Website hosting
Hosting and technical maintenance is included.

Your website has the SSL security certificate automatically active.

You can set your site name in the subdomain

Free initial templates
Start working with a ready-made initial template that you can change freely and easily.

100% AMP
All pages are built in Google AMP HTML.

100% RWD
All pages are responsive (Responsive Web Design). Thanks to fluid design they display well on any device.

Backup copies
Every time you publish your site we create a backup copy if it. With one click you can replace copies, changing the version of your site in the blink of an eye.

No ads PRO plan
There are no ads on your site. Only your content.

SEO tools
You have various SEO tools available:
  • automatically-created Sitemap.xml from selected pages relevant to SEO
  • adding meta tags for each page: meta title, meta description
  • adding alternative pages in other languages, so-called multilingual website
  • setting different types of favicon icons
  • editing ALT titles for images
  • setting your own URLs to pages
  • PRO plan adding your own meta tags for each page
  • PRO plan adding your own CSS styles
  • PRO plan connecting to statistics providers, e.g. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster etc.
  • PRO plan automatically-created robots.txt file, which are editable
  • PRO plan adding "structured data" for each page
  • PRO plan optimization with AMP Optimizer

Registration of a new domain PRO plan
You can register your new domain .COM for FREE within first year. More about FREE domain

Connecting your own domain PRO plan
You can connect your own domain with AMPjump site you are building

Google AMP cache PRO plan
You can submit your site to the Google AMP Cache, so it's always up to date. In addition your site receives a lightning sign in mobile search results.

PWA application PRO plan
You can publish your site as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Users can then install it on the desktop / home screen of the device and use it as a regular application. PWA is automatically updated with every change you make in the builder.

14-days money-back guarantee PRO plan
You can change your mind and cancel plan PRO within 14 days from purchase. We will give you a full refund.

Payment details

  1. Registration is free! You create an account by providing only an email address and setting a password.
  2. Start FREE, with no obligations, no credit card.
  3. There is no trial. You create your website as long as you need. But you'll be surprised how quickly you create the page.
  4. You can buy the PRO Plan and connect you own domain at any time.
  5. You pay for a year / half a year / one month. You choose.
  6. Prices include VAT.
  7. You can extend the PRO plan for another period.
  8. If you do not extend the PRO plan, your site will return to the free plan.
  9. You can cancel your PRO plan within 14 days of purchase.
  10. We use PAYPAL payment gateway for credit/debit cards or Paypal accounts. All secure with HTTPS.
If you have any questions write to us info (at)

AMP Accelerated Mobile Page Builder

In AMPjump you create ONE version of website, which is fast, responsive and easy to position in search results.