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Templates features

Fastest templates
Each AMP page template gets a minimum of 95 points in the Google Pagespeed Insights speed tests.
Best quality templates
Each template gets a minimum of 95-100-100-100 in Google Lighthouse quality tests.
Responsive templates
Each template is mobile & responsive, which means it looks good on any device: phones, tablets or computers.
AMP pages
All pages in each template have an AMP (Google AMP HTML format) structure which gives them super speed.
PWA application
Each of the templates can be published as a progressive PWA web application.
Connect your domain
PRO plan
You can redirect your own domain to each template. You will receive an SSL security certificate free.
Quick edition
You can change each page of a template freely and quickly. You enter your content, replace photos. You publish in 1 second.
Simple templates
All pages in a template have a simple structure. They are made of horizontal sections that you can move up, down, delete or add as you need.
Your own style
You can quickly change the character of each page by choosing colors from a beautiful palette, changing Google fonts, changing frames or margins.
Google Fonts
You can change the fonts in each template. Choose from over 200 of the most popular fonts on the Internet - Google Fonts. The fonts are responsive! Their sizes adapt to the screen.
Each template is ready to be expanded with new subpages in other languages. You can easily connect them together.
Free templates
The templates are free and you can use them freely as part of your account at AMPjump. We also provide you with free help with changing the template style.